Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Swine Flu Pandemic

When I write something on this blog, I usually don't get a lot of feedback. And I know that if I stop writing on it forever, the world will little note nor long remember it.

It actually seems like I get more feedback when I don't write on this blog. It's usually from the same guy, but whenever I let a week or two go by without posting something new, he'll often remind me that I haven't written anything lately.

Another guy has told me more than once (which is to say, twice) that my posts are too long and rambling. I told him that was deliberate, but it didn't seem to make him any more interested in reading my blog.

So today, after not having written anything for the past two weeks, I will write a very short post on swine flu.

If you read the news, it seems the term "swine flu" will strike terror into the hearts of people around the world. As a matter of fact, before swine flu made the news, I'd never heard the word "pandemic" used so often in my life. But if you read the news, you also can't help noticing that a lot of doctors and epidemiologists are telling us that compared to many other flu strains, swine flu isn't actually all that terrible. Sure, maybe a few hundred people died from it, but thousands of people die every year from other types of flu.

Just for fun, I decided to see what information I could glean from the words themselves, and here is what I found: If you take the letters from the phrase "swine flu pandemic," replace the "w" with a "y," the two "i"s with two "o"s, the two "n"s with two "t"s, the "e" with an "o," the "u" with a "y," the "d" with an "h," and the "c" with an "l," and then rearrange all the letters, you'll get the phrase "mostly a lot of hype."